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document on papirus - Cairo Egypt Museum

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel

Inside The Small Temple of Abu Simbel

The Great Temple (left) and The Small Temple (right) of Abu Simbel

Egyptair A320-200 , Abu Simbel airfield

Market at Aswan

Aswan Dam

Aswan town and Nile River on sunset

Temple of Khnum on Elephantine Island, Aswan

Market at Aswan

Train 981 at Aswan station

Great Hypostyle Hall of Amun Temple, Karnak

two Obelisk of Amun Temple, Karnak

Colonnade of Amenophis III, Luxor Temple

Temple of Luxor at night

Egyptian fast food "Koushary"


Thebes Necropolis Mountain at early morning , Luxor

Dra Abu El-Nega Village , Luxor

easy slope to The Valley of The Kings , Luxor

Tomb chamber of Thutmose III 's tomb , Valley of The Kings

Valley of The Kings , Luxor

Temple of Deir El-Bahri / Temple of Hatshepsut

Ramesseum , Luxor

Valley of The Queens

Temple of Ramesses III , Luxor

Temple of Ramesses III , Luxor


Ferry on the river Nile , Luxor

Souq (Market) , Luxor

downtown sweets shop , Luxor

Near Luxor station

near Metro Nasser station, Cairo

Mouhammed Ali Mosque , Cairo

in the Mouhammed Ali Mosque, Cairo

Blue Mosque, Cairo

Pyramids of Giza

Sphinx and Khafre's Pyramid

Mansouriyah Canal , Saqqara

Step Pyramid , Saqqara

Step Pyramid , Saqqara

Near Nasser station,  smoked fish shop , Cairo

Egyptian Museum , Cairo

Egyptian Museum , Cairo

Bazar at Ataba district  , Cairo

Cafe in Cairo at night

Hall of Knights , Den Haag

Venestr. , Den Haag


Nordsee, Den Haag